The Year so Far: Phase 2

March 19, 2010 at 2:42 pm (Diary)

Phase two was concerned with conceiving projects that would be an appropriate response to the brief, that would connect with the broad themes of the context, be achievable and most of all to be inspiring and  meaningful for the community that I was serving.

I established a list of ideas – far more than were possible to do within the timescale of the residency – more like a menu of ideas that I wanted to test out. At the same time I was researching the context: learning more about how the NHS functions, looking at the range of arts work that goes on in care contexts and the academic basis for that work, finding out more about the ever fascinating Florence Nightingale, reading up on the concepts of holism, researching shamanism etc.

I knew I was going to be composing a range of choral music so I set about seeking texts to set from anywhere and everywhere and two standout sources were particularly inspiring: Florence Nightingale’s own words (a mountain of them) and responses from students and staff (as featured here). These were both moving and inspiring and deepened  my understanding of nursing and care significantly.


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