August 29, 2010 at 11:52 am (*A NIGHTINGALE SANG)


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….in a war zone, in Indian slums, in schools, churches and hospitals, in science and politics (and in many a famous London Square).

Florence Nightingale was a pioneering nurse and a complex, passionate social reformer concerned with a range of human issues that are as pertinent today as they were at the time of her death a hundred years ago. At the heart of her life and work was a simple, universal value – care for our fellow human beings.

A Nightingale Sang is a community cantata reflecting on nursing and midwifery and in particular on the nature of empathy on the personal, collective and spiritual levels.

The school’s Nightingale choir will be augmented by  the esteemed choir of King’s College London, Mind and Soul – a choir of mental health patients from the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust – and a 200 strong choir of nurses, midwives and healthcare students and professionals, specially assembled for this event, King’s College London Symphony Orchestra, and a nurse’s gamelan group. The piece also incorporates dance and soloists singing first-hand accounts of human suffering and healing.

A Nightingale Sang is part of the Chorus series taking place during the Festival of Britain Celebration.

Find out how you can join us and be part of this very special event – or buy tickets.

QEH, SOUTHBANK CENTRE, 13/05/11, 8pm


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