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March 16, 2010 at 11:09 am (Project Ideas*)


A choral work to celebrate the 150th year of FNSNM for multiple performing groups with different levels of expertise in both singing and instrumental accompaniment. The hope is that it would be on the QEH stage in Oct/Nov with four (or more) college choirs accompanied by orchestra plus a nurses’ percussion band, with the 950 seats filled by the student body joining in with the congregational singing. To be followed by a reception/party.


For the Westminster Abbey Memorial Service  commemorating the death of Florence Nightingale in May 2010


A choral piece for the combined forces of the Nightingale Choir and the St Thomas chapel choir for a St Thomas’s Radio 4 Sunday Service in August.


Instrumental pieces to be played at specific times of the day, week, year etc in key areas of partner hospitals. The idea is to mark time, emphasise ritual and most of all to influence the mood of the moment e.g. a morning piece for a summer Sundays, an evening piece for Mondays in winter etc. Pieces could have live premieres and be recorded with KCL students (or staff) and then be played on tannoys at the appropriate times.


Create a collection of songs to be used as a tool in children’s nursing. Songs that soothe, distract, explain, reassure etc. Also to develop nurses’ skills in both singing these songs and in creating their own and to leave a legacy of these songs in various forms (book, CD, maybe some video) and ideally a module on the children’s nursing course.


An immersive theatre event in a disused hospital.


An outdoor after-dark music-theatre event involving nurses on bikes. This is a still unformed idea with many potential variants. I’m compounding two key images of Florence Nightingale: the image of ‘the lady with the lamp’ with that of the campaigning nurse (also referring to the district nurse).

One version of the idea is that of nurses on bikes (or rather singers dressed as nurses) cycle around London at night with special bike “lights” and special bike “bells” in campaigning mode. The lights are design wonders and the bells are music boxes that accompany the singers when they stop and sing their “message’ using a megaphone. There would be three of these and the bikes would converge and we would then get three-part singing- like a mini buskers’ flash-mob.

An extension or variation on the idea would be to have the singing nurses perform in bandstands at night in central London parks with magical lighting and maybe with some of the nurses (singers) on the roof of the bandstand.


A large scale music sculpture that is a musical instrument for one or for many.

Another big and expensive idea that would require partners. The idea is inspired by Gamelan and by the “orchestra” of Orff instruments – two examples of communal music-making that do not require technical expertise. The sculpture would be made of metal and wood, would be around the size of an average domestic living room and would be playable in a variety of ways, by individuals or groups with or without a facilitator. Brian Eno’s iphone app called Bloom is a good reference for this idea


To explore the architecture of the main KCL sites in a mini choral festival involving several Kings choirs: the Nightingale Choir, The Choir of King’s College London, The Music Department Choir and The Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals’ Music Society etc. The idea is that the choirs promenade together and each sing a piece in various “stations” both indoors and outdoors across the college.


Of all kinds with various outcomes – some related to research projects, some as a means of developing core skills (team-work, creativity, communication etc) and others purely for pleasure.


For the KCL Chapel Choir to be performed in May at a festival of contemporary church music.


A project whereby both homeless people and patients would act as soloists singing their “story” in very simple musical phrases accompanied by more complex, rich orchestral colours and textures and interspersed with instrumental interludes.


The idea is to create a warm, atmospheric social space with a temporary bar and to have an evening which combines various kinds of music making (and listening) with discussion and talks on topics related to nursing in the broadest sense.


  • Singing Rituals for Nurses who deal with Trauma
  • Festival of Care.
  • Ceremonial music for Graduation and Induction
  • Neuroscience and/or Shamanism research project
  • Wellcome trust event

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