February 20, 2010 at 9:05 pm (*SALON)

Imagine the ideal village – and then imagine an evening in late autumn in the village hall and the ideal community event. A social.

There’d be food and drink of course, and music, lively conversation, playfulness and a warm glow over the entire proceedings. Add a little intellectual bite and some common purpose and you get a sense of this special evening for staff and students of FNSNM.

Friday 19th November, 7.30 to 11.00 pm –  featuring THE NIGHTINGALE CHOIR and films by EMMA LAZENBY

The idea is to create a warm, atmospheric, social space with a bring-your-own bar and to enjoy an evening of music (both listening and participating), film, poetry, art  and the exploration of a topic related to nursing in the broadest sense: compassion. A little like an eighteenth century literary salon but more like the chill-out space at a festival, the ground floor of the JCM building will be transformed for the evening with lamps and cushions.

If you have any ideas for this event or would like to contribute in any way (perform something, bake a particularly fine biscuit etc) then please let me know. I’m also looking for lamps and cushions to borrow for the evening. I’m hoping this will become a series of events so any unwanted lamps and cushions will be gratefully received.

You can email me at john.browne@kcl.ac.uk or post a comment below.

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